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School Resource Officers

In this day and age nothing is more important than planning to keep our children safe and part of that plan is keeping our children safe while at school.

AmeriGuard Protective Services is the only entity that provides ''Armed'' School Resource Officers to protect students and staff in the City of Boston. Not even the Boston Police can provide specially trained protection personnel for school details such as ours.

We are also the first security service provider to outfit our protection staff with ''Body Cameras'' to document critical incidents for evidence collection.

All of our ''School Resource Officers'' are not only police academy trained but also receive specialized training from The Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and OSHA to help ensure your classrooms and schools receive not only the best but most current safety and security procedures available today.

Our customer service based training allows us to not just provide guards but to provide highly trained professionals that quicly become a proud addition to your schools. Watching the smiles on the faces of the students and staff when we greet them in the morning tells us that our formula for success cannot be beat.

We are an addition of excellence to the schools we serve and not an adversarial force.

If your are in need of highly professional and motivated security staff to protect your students and staff AmeriGuard Protective Services is the only one to call.

Our well equiped staff is available on short notice to handle your site with tact and discretion all the while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Our security professionals can also provide you with: Security Surveys, Threat Assessments, and Student and Staff Safety Training.

Some of our duties include: Perimeter Security, Access/Egress Control, Crime Reduction Patrols, Crime Prevention Patrols, Drug and Alcohol Resistant Training, Student Interviews, Field Trip Security, and much more.

This service is backed up by a multi-million dollar insurance policy.

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